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Bonus Feature - Addison Heath's Mondo Yakuza & The Invention of Fusion Food

If you have any concerns over what you are getting for Christmas this year then do not fret, for we have the perfect gift for you. Join Johnny, Adam, and Pablo as they "chew the fat" with film writer and director Addison Heath, in which they find out all about his new film 'Mondo Yakuza', due for release in 2017. Learn about Johnny's latest fusion food idea, and listen to the boys see in Christmas with a round of Mondo Karaoke.

Episode 12 - Bad Santa Bill's Blood Banquet

Having escaped the clutches of a mentally unstable neo nazi, Johnny & Adam have arrived at a Berlin beer market hall, and are now getting into the spirit of things by drinking beer and sharing tales of a homicidal Santas. They've invited you to join them and indulge in a bloody banquet of bad santas, kicking things of with a seasonal stabbing of Adam's Top 5 Bad Santas, a festive beating of the new release 'Bad Santa 2'(2016), and a yuletide gouging of the classic film not to eat food by 'Silent Night, Deadly Night'(1984) delivered to you by Santa Pablo. They'll also be joined once again by their friend and associate Gemma (aka Scrooge's worst nightmare) who'll be sharing some ideas on how to make someone's Christmas this year particulalry memorable. They'll also be playing a round of Bad Santa Top Trumps to decide the fate of St Nic. Bring tinsel and festive misery, it's about to noel... no... hell!

Episode 11 - Pablovian Space Slugs & The Sardoffee Sandwiches of Doom

A long way away in a distant cave only a few days ago... Adam and Johnny embark on another absurd and harebrained journey, venturing into the darkest depths of food and film interrelation.

The knapsack this time includes an assortment of independent offerings including a slobbery gob full of Cory McAbee's 'Stingray Sam'(2009), a slice of Billy O'Brien's 'I Am Not A Serial Killer'(2016) as well as a dirty bucket full of Tim T Cunningham's 'Sick Boy'(2012) - another of Pablo's Films Not To Eat Food By. If that's not filling enough you'll also be treated to Adam's Top 5 independent films of 2016 as well as a new cupboardcast segment by Pablo featuring a new indie horror comic 'Blood & Gourd' brought to you by Dead Peasant.

Our special guest this time is thespian cave slave Cliff Richards, who'll join us for a game of "Indie or Scmindie". Bring a bullwhip and chaps, it's about to get beefy...

Episode 10 - Bela Lugosi's Zombie Conch & The Reanimation of Finkle

Following the aftermath of last episode, Johnny is desperately trying to come to terms with the loss of his friend Finkle and the other 31 muppets who perished in the great muppet restaurant fire of Episode 9. In his grief he calls upon the help of his co-host Adam in order to perform some acts that are not so ethical. Meanwhile, Pablo watches on from a nearby cupboard… This episode includes a lovingly prepared zombie feast which includes mouthfuls of Adam’s Top 5 zombies, the horror classic 'White Zombie'(1932) starring Bela Lugosi, Rob Zombie's latest film '31'(2016), as well as another Film Not To Eat Food By 'Goal of the Dead'(2014) brought to you by the mighty Pablo! We'll also be joined by another listener (weirdly called Jonny) for a game of 'Supermarket Creep'. Bring a horde, it's gonna be raining brains...

Bonus Feature - The Adventures of Glenn Maynard & The Tea Cup of Death

Wait a second... it's not that time again already is it? Indeed it is my friend, Christmas has come early as Johnny, Adam and Pablo have invited you to join them for this very special bonus feature episode in which they get to chat to Australian actor Glenn Maynard, star of the superb 'Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla'(2014). Find out more about Glenn, his acting, his previous and upcoming appearances in film and TV, his preference of reading material, as well as the food he would chose to kill you with. Bring a mug, a clean flannel, and a pair of your best spectacles, it's about to get murderously good...  

Episode 9 - The Cook, His Muppets, A Scouser, & Their Psychotropic Gumbo Orgy

Another bustling Saturday night in Leeds, and Johnny has requested that Adam meet him on a street corner so that he can unveil the fruits of his latest venture… Join them for their food film themed audio soirée with a menu that includes yet another dollop of Adam's Top 5, a belly full of 'Sausage Party'(2016), a juicy rack of 'The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover'(1989), as well as another bile belching film not to eat food by 'Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla'(2014) which is brought to you by everyone's favourite vigilante serial killer Pablo. They'll also be joined by a listener by the name of Dave for some additional chit chat and a round of Johnny's latest dinner party game. Make sure you're wearing clean pants, it's about to get messy...

Episode 8 - The Legend of Zuul & The Trifle of Debauchery

Freaky things are going down at FTWFB headquarters as Adam has developed a cough, and is not quite feeling himself. Luckily there is plenty of nutritional food and film related content available in the form of our paranormal themed audio banquet. We'll be kicking things of with a slither of Adam's Top Five Paranormal Films (or is it Adam?), followed by a slice of 'Ghostbusters'(2016), a splatter of 'The Legend of Hell House'(1973), topped off with another bum clenching mouthful of Pablo's Films Not to Eat Food By in the form of 'Ghost Ship'(2002). We'll be joined by an apparition going by the name of Gemma (last featured on episode 5) for a game of Ghost Who?.

You know the drill, get those pert little ears of yours ready - it's about to get ghoul-ash...

Episode 7 - Jim Duggan's Justice League & The Omelette of Independence

If you can smell what Johnny and Adam are cooking, then it seems you have a particularly acute sense of smell. It also means you are invited to dine with them as they explore the combination of wrestlers and films... and food. Join them for their special "Summer Slam-wich" party, with fillings that include 'Adam's Top 5 Wrestlers In Films' sauce, a big slice of John Carpenter's 'They Live' (1988) featuring wrestling royalty Rowdy Roddy Piper, a juicy layer of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's latest film 'Central Intelligence' (2016), topped off with a gut curdling squirt of Pablo's Film Not To Eat Food By 'See No Evil' (2006) which features Glenn Jacobs aka Kane. They'll also be joined by another listener Chris aka "No Treat Pete" for a mid dinner game of Hacksaw Jim Duggan's 'Wrestlesplamania'.

It doesn't matter what your name is... if you like films, food, wrestling, and pandas, then you'll have plenty to gorge on...

Episode 6 - Donald Trump & The Edible Hair Piece

Whether you are rich, poor, or both - Johnny & Adam invite you to join their money themed audio feast. The menu this time includes canapes in the form of yet another Adam's Top 5, a soup du jour of Rodney Dangerfield's 'Easy Money'(1983), a fillet mignon of Jodie Foster's freshly prepared 'Money Monster'(2016), another bile inducing Film Not to Eat Food By of 'Society'(1989) which is specially brought to you by our sous chef Pablo. We'll also be joined by another one of our listeners for a mid-dinner round of Donald Trump's Top Trumps.

Prime those butt cheeks it's about to get saucy...

Episode 5 - David Carradine's Dystopian Lunchbox

It's the year 2043, and Johnny & Adam are hosting a quintessentially dystopian dinner party. Dinner guests include our resident serial killer Pablo, musician Tom Waits, as well as another one of our listeners who goes by the name of Gemma. The menu this time includes...

Le Menu
Apéritif - Adam's Top 5 Dystopian Films
Entrée - 'Death Race 2000'(1975)
Un amuse-bouche - 'Tom Waits's Dystopian Drive Through'
Plat du jour - 'High Rise'(2016)
Le dessert - 'Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky'(1991)
Refreshments include a choice of la grande bieres from the Caledonian Brewery.

Episode 4 - Spatchcock a la Pablo & The Monstrous Mash

"What's that smell?"... Why it's the smell of Johnny and Adam of course, and this time they've laid on a rather hefty finger buffet of monsters for you to munch on. Suitable for vegetarians and carnivores, the menu includes a starter of Adam's Top 5, followed by main courses that include 'Swamp Thing'(1982) and '10 Cloverfield Lane'(2016), finished with another distasteful pudding in the form of 'Rumpelstiltskin'(1995) prepared especially for you by Pablo. We'll also be joined by one of our listeners for some additional mid dinner fun and frolics brought to you by Johnny.

It's the longest sitting yet so make sure you've got your taxi home booked. Bring on the indigestion...!

Episode 3 - Billy Bear & The Chestnut of Madness

Johnny and Adam are back, with a veritable banquet of film and food related treats for you to gorge yourself silly on. This time the dinner table chat has an Oscar related aroma to it, tinged with flavours of survival and revenge. The menu includes 'The Revenant' (2016), '52 Pickup'(1986), as well as another inedible side dish from Pablo in the form of the 'Evil Dead'(2013)remake. There's also a little extra surprise seasoning from Johnny that'll get your mouth dripping. Bring a spoon, its about to get soupy...


Feeling peckish? Can't wait for the release of the next episode of Food To Watch Films By? Why not have a nibble on this tasty little bonus minisode, in which Johnny & Adam talk about 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'(2015) and share their food suggestions.

WARNING: This minisode contains spoilers, although if you've not seen this film yet you deserve everything you get!


Johnny & Adam return to dish out a second helping of food to watch films by, whilst paying tribute to the recently departed David Bowie. The menu includes 'The Man Who Fell to Earth'(1976) and Labyrinth(1986) which both feature the thin white duke himself, as well as Eli Roth's forthcoming release 'Green Inferno' (2015). An extra course has been added to the menu, and a place has been set for a special guest to join the dinner table. Make sure you've got the Gaviscon to hand.

WARNING: This episode contains ingredients which may make you feel a tad nauseous.


In this first episode, your film connoisseurs Johnny and Adam reflect on the films they watched during Christmas 2015 and share their suggestions on what to eat. The menu includes 'Harry & The Hendersons'(1987), 'A Very Murray Christmas'(2015), 'Whiplash'(2014), 'Salvage'(2009), as well as Adam's top 5 (actually 7) top films of 2015.