Episode 16 - Shannon Tweed's Late Night Kebab & The Unorthodox Pie Filling

Lock up your daughters, plug in those headphones, and get ready for another helping of Food To Watch Films By!!!

This time Johnny and Adam explore the theme of cock rock in films, including a lick of Adam's Top 5 cock rock films, a hard suck of 'Detroit Rock City' (1999), and a bowel belching glug of another Film Not To Eat Food By 'Deathgasm' (2015) - brought to you by your favourite piemeister Pablo. As always will be joined by another guest for some ridiculous game of some sort.

Get yer makeup on and get ready for debauchery, it's about to get awkward and adolescent...

Episode 15 - Old Man Logan's Jerky & The Brown Noise Experience

Whether you're an old man, an old lady, or you're considered by others to be older than you actually are - you're bound to enjoy this latest instalment of food and film biology from those boys at Food To Watch Films By.

The menu this time includes another early bird special of Adam's Top 5 films about old age, a review of the recent Marvel offering 'Logan' (2016), as well as another one of Pablo's films not eat food by - Troma's 'Mother's Day'(1980). We'll also be joined by another guest for a round of dinner games as devised by your favourite senior podcaster Johnny.

Episode 14 - Uncle Monty's Majestic Carrot & The Horn of Cliff Richards

It's all kicking off at the FTWFB headquarters as Adam deals with having to share the mic with an unexpected guest - film director Fabio R Youniss.

This latest helping of Food To Watch Films By will bring you a menu of classic British cinema and includes a seasoning of Adam's Top Five British 80s films, a big glug of 'Withnail & I' (1987), as well as a smearing of 'Peeping Tom' (1960)- another film not to eat food by which is brought to you by Pablo. We'll also be indulging in a retro game experience in which Adam and Fabio will be required to navigate budding adventurer and improv actor Ben Simpson through the perils of Horn Tower, in order to seek out the Enchanted Horn of Cliff Richards.

Bring a harpoon and a clean pair of pants, it's about to get fishy...

Bonus Feature - Addison Heath's Mondo Yakuza & The Invention of Fusion Food

If you have any concerns over what you are getting for Christmas this year then do not fret, for we have the perfect gift for you. Join Johnny, Adam, and Pablo as they "chew the fat" with film writer and director Addison Heath, in which they find out all about his new film 'Mondo Yakuza', due for release in 2017. Learn about Johnny's latest fusion food idea, and listen to the boys see in Christmas with a round of Mondo Karaoke.

Episode 12 - Bad Santa Bill's Blood Banquet

Having escaped the clutches of a mentally unstable neo nazi, Johnny & Adam have arrived at a Berlin beer market hall, and are now getting into the spirit of things by drinking beer and sharing tales of a homicidal Santas. They've invited you to join them and indulge in a bloody banquet of bad santas, kicking things of with a seasonal stabbing of Adam's Top 5 Bad Santas, a festive beating of the new release 'Bad Santa 2'(2016), and a yuletide gouging of the classic film not to eat food by 'Silent Night, Deadly Night'(1984) delivered to you by Santa Pablo. They'll also be joined once again by their friend and associate Gemma (aka Scrooge's worst nightmare) who'll be sharing some ideas on how to make someone's Christmas this year particulalry memorable. They'll also be playing a round of Bad Santa Top Trumps to decide the fate of St Nic. Bring tinsel and festive misery, it's about to noel... no... hell!

Episode 11 - Pablovian Space Slugs & The Sardoffee Sandwiches of Doom

A long way away in a distant cave only a few days ago... Adam and Johnny embark on another absurd and harebrained journey, venturing into the darkest depths of food and film interrelation.

The knapsack this time includes an assortment of independent offerings including a slobbery gob full of Cory McAbee's 'Stingray Sam'(2009), a slice of Billy O'Brien's 'I Am Not A Serial Killer'(2016) as well as a dirty bucket full of Tim T Cunningham's 'Sick Boy'(2012) - another of Pablo's Films Not To Eat Food By. If that's not filling enough you'll also be treated to Adam's Top 5 independent films of 2016 as well as a new cupboardcast segment by Pablo featuring a new indie horror comic 'Blood & Gourd' brought to you by Dead Peasant.

Our special guest this time is thespian cave slave Cliff Richards, who'll join us for a game of "Indie or Scmindie". Bring a bullwhip and chaps, it's about to get beefy...