Episode 21 - Scary Mary's Marvellous Medicine & The Podcast of the Dead

Greetings to all those still alive i.e. you! Since that horrendous nuclear fallout that happened at the start of the year (remember that!), all transmissions from the Food To Watch Films By podcast ceased as the world feel into darkness, desolation, and general dead-ness. This previously unreleased episode however has since been discovered and is now available for you to enjoy as you attempt to continue to survive within this post apocalyptic hell...

In this found footage style episode Johnny, Adam and Pablo will be taking you through their review of the films of 2018 that were meant to be released but weren't (as everyone is now dead). Listen in as they share what their predictions were for the 2018 releases 'The Commuter', 'Mary Poppins Returns' and 'Day of the Dead: Bloodline'.

Stay frosty, it's about to get... err... something.