Episode 5 - David Carradine's Dystopian Lunchbox

It's the year 2043, and Johnny & Adam are hosting a quintessentially dystopian dinner party. Dinner guests include our resident serial killer Pablo, musician Tom Waits, as well as another one of our listeners who goes by the name of Gemma. The menu this time includes...

Le Menu
Apéritif - Adam's Top 5 Dystopian Films
Entrée - 'Death Race 2000'(1975)
Un amuse-bouche - 'Tom Waits's Dystopian Drive Through'
Plat du jour - 'High Rise'(2016)
Le dessert - 'Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky'(1991)
Refreshments include a choice of la grande bieres from the Caledonian Brewery.