Episode 4 - Spatchcock a la Pablo & The Monstrous Mash

"What's that smell?"... Why it's the smell of Johnny and Adam of course, and this time they've laid on a rather hefty finger buffet of monsters for you to munch on. Suitable for vegetarians and carnivores, the menu includes a starter of Adam's Top 5, followed by main courses that include 'Swamp Thing'(1982) and '10 Cloverfield Lane'(2016), finished with another distasteful pudding in the form of 'Rumpelstiltskin'(1995) prepared especially for you by Pablo. We'll also be joined by one of our listeners for some additional mid dinner fun and frolics brought to you by Johnny.

It's the longest sitting yet so make sure you've got your taxi home booked. Bring on the indigestion...!