Episode 17 - Do Androids Dream of Marmite Vending Machines?

Humans! Resistance is futile... as in any resistance you may have towards listening to this episode that is.

Join Johnny and Adam for another journey into the combination of food and film philosophy - this time looking at all things robot, droid, AI, cyborg and all that. They'll be serving up a chrome dish full of Adam's Top 5 cyborgs in films, an oily fondue of 'Ghost in the Shell' (2017), as well as another one of Pablo's electrically charged films not to eat food by 'The Machine Girl' (2008).

They'll be joined by a guest, this time Sophie from The Edtech Podcast, to discuss topics such as cans of hot coffee, the persecution of short people, the singularity theory, and more. They'll also be indulging in another of Johnny's intellectually challenging games, in which Adam and Sophie go head to head against an automated voice actor. Don't forget to clear your mind cache, it's about to get bit-ty...

You can also check out and listen to The Edtech Podact at theedtechpodcast.libsyn.com/