Episode 12 - Bad Santa Bill's Blood Banquet

Having escaped the clutches of a mentally unstable neo nazi, Johnny & Adam have arrived at a Berlin beer market hall, and are now getting into the spirit of things by drinking beer and sharing tales of a homicidal Santas. They've invited you to join them and indulge in a bloody banquet of bad santas, kicking things of with a seasonal stabbing of Adam's Top 5 Bad Santas, a festive beating of the new release 'Bad Santa 2'(2016), and a yuletide gouging of the classic film not to eat food by 'Silent Night, Deadly Night'(1984) delivered to you by Santa Pablo. They'll also be joined once again by their friend and associate Gemma (aka Scrooge's worst nightmare) who'll be sharing some ideas on how to make someone's Christmas this year particulalry memorable. They'll also be playing a round of Bad Santa Top Trumps to decide the fate of St Nic. Bring tinsel and festive misery, it's about to noel... no... hell!