Episode 11 - Pablovian Space Slugs & The Sardoffee Sandwiches of Doom

A long way away in a distant cave only a few days ago... Adam and Johnny embark on another absurd and harebrained journey, venturing into the darkest depths of food and film interrelation.

The knapsack this time includes an assortment of independent offerings including a slobbery gob full of Cory McAbee's 'Stingray Sam'(2009), a slice of Billy O'Brien's 'I Am Not A Serial Killer'(2016) as well as a dirty bucket full of Tim T Cunningham's 'Sick Boy'(2012) - another of Pablo's Films Not To Eat Food By. If that's not filling enough you'll also be treated to Adam's Top 5 independent films of 2016 as well as a new cupboardcast segment by Pablo featuring a new indie horror comic 'Blood & Gourd' brought to you by Dead Peasant.

Our special guest this time is thespian cave slave Cliff Richards, who'll join us for a game of "Indie or Scmindie". Bring a bullwhip and chaps, it's about to get beefy...