Episode 22 - Peanut Butter Goldblums & The Twisted Tale of Billy Piper

Ever wondered what a remake of Turner & Hooch would be like if it included mad scientists, animal resurrection, Jeff Goldblum, and a pot of peanut butter? Well you are about to find out my friend! Venture forth and join Johnny and Adam as they muse over the concept of resurrection as Johnny seeks to uncover the mystery of his F phobic and long dead friend Billy Piper (no not that Billy Piper). Tuck in to another Adam's Top 5, this time films about resurrection and that. Get yourself feeling sheepish as Pablo treats you to another film not to eat food by, Canadian zombie flick 'Ravenous' aka 'Les Affamés' (2017). And finally, join us for a round of Johnny's latest game "F off".

Don your headphones, let in the dog or cat, get loosey-goosey and reach for that jar...

Episode 21 - Scary Mary's Marvellous Medicine & The Podcast of the Dead

Greetings to all those still alive i.e. you! Since that horrendous nuclear fallout that happened at the start of the year (remember that!), all transmissions from the Food To Watch Films By podcast ceased as the world feel into darkness, desolation, and general dead-ness. This previously unreleased episode however has since been discovered and is now available for you to enjoy as you attempt to continue to survive within this post apocalyptic hell...

In this found footage style episode Johnny, Adam and Pablo will be taking you through their review of the films of 2018 that were meant to be released but weren't (as everyone is now dead). Listen in as they share what their predictions were for the 2018 releases 'The Commuter', 'Mary Poppins Returns' and 'Day of the Dead: Bloodline'.

Stay frosty, it's about to get... err... something.

Episode 20 - Moira Stuart's Caravan of Death & The Anonymous Dinner guest

Strange things are afoot while Adam & Johnny spend their halloween weekend away in a caravan in the small seaside town of Hornsea. Will they be able to uncover the mystery of Moira Stuart's disappearance? What fate awaits them both as Pablo lurks nearby? Tune in and find out...

This episode features Adam's Top 5 underrated slasher films, a review of the original 'The Town That Feared Sundown' (1976), as well as Pablo's offering 'The Shrine' (2010).

Episode 19 - Tommy Wiseau's Egg of Deceit & The Curious Tale of Aggy Fox

Ever dipped your soldier in another man's yoke? Find out how that feels in this latest helping of food and film falafelings as we, Johnny & Adam, discuss films that are so awful they're great. Join us as we gorge on another Adam's bad but good Top 5, have a taste of Tommy Wiseau's not so critically acclaimed 'The Room' (2003), and slurp down another of Pablo's films not to eat food by 'Punisher: War Zone' (2008). We'll be joined by another guest - this time a fellow podcaster, Leicester's own Andy Kapadia aka Aggy Fox. Be sure to check out his podcast aptly named 'The Aggy Fox Podcast'.

Episode 18 - A Mouthful of Tim Curry

Curry anyone?

Why not grab a chapati and join us as we explore the life's work of the legendary character actor Tim Curry. We'll be filling up on a round of Adam's Top 5 Tim Curry films, delving into Ridley Scott's fantasy nightmare 'Legend' (1985, and slurping the acrid juices out another one of Pablo's Films Not To Eat Food By 'IT'(1990. We'll also be joined by regular guest Gemma for another mid dinner game.

Bring some spare trousers, it's about to get extra spicy...

Troma Special Part 3 - Terror Firmer

Good golly miss molly... is this really part 3 of our Troma special? Indeed it is my dear friend, and this time we're looking at Lloyd Kaufman's masterpiece 'Terror Firmer' (1999).

Find out what is next in Adam's Top 10 Troma countdown as voted by you our dear listeners and the online communities. Will Pablo finally catch that dastardly Lloyd Kaufman, or will he be left high and dry with only his wee willy winkies for comfort?

Get ready for a particularly delicious helping of food to watch films by. And remember, don't be a stranger, be a strange...urrr?....

Troma Special Part 2 - Tromeo & Juliet

What the... it's time for part 2 of our Troma special already!?

That's right hombres and hombrettes, and this time we're Tromeo and Juliet - James Gunn and Lloyd Kaufman's adaptation of Shakespeare's classic which brings you all the goodness of Troma including gore, humour, boobs, and penis monsters.

Adam will be continuing his countdown of the top 10 Troma movies as voted by our listeners. We'll also be talking about whether it's offensive to be called an egg and whether it's wrong to eat horsemeat. You'll also get to find out whether Pablo has got any closer to capturing his prize Lloyd Kaufman!

Open up thine ears and don your finest cravat, it's about to get sassy...

Troma Special Part 1 - Class of Nuke 'Em High

Here it is, the first of our 4 part special dedicated to the good folks at Troma Entertainment.

Up first we find out what's going on with the Tromaville education system as we revisit the 1986 cult classic Class of Nuke 'Em High. Join us as we explore the effects of atomic cocktails, the joys of nuked food and run through the top 10, THAT'S RIGHT 10! Troma flicks as voted by our listeners. Plus Pablo goes on the hunt for his greatest game, Troma's head honcho Lloyd Kaufman.

Hold on to your britches, we're about to go nuclear!!!


Episode 17 - Do Androids Dream of Marmite Vending Machines?

Humans! Resistance is futile... as in any resistance you may have towards listening to this episode that is.

Join Johnny and Adam for another journey into the combination of food and film philosophy - this time looking at all things robot, droid, AI, cyborg and all that. They'll be serving up a chrome dish full of Adam's Top 5 cyborgs in films, an oily fondue of 'Ghost in the Shell' (2017), as well as another one of Pablo's electrically charged films not to eat food by 'The Machine Girl' (2008).

They'll be joined by a guest, this time Sophie from The Edtech Podcast, to discuss topics such as cans of hot coffee, the persecution of short people, the singularity theory, and more. They'll also be indulging in another of Johnny's intellectually challenging games, in which Adam and Sophie go head to head against an automated voice actor. Don't forget to clear your mind cache, it's about to get bit-ty...

You can also check out and listen to The Edtech Podact at theedtechpodcast.libsyn.com/